Natural and Organic (mostly)

Hello, I'm Felicia, the creator of OMA
In our strange times it can be hard to stay positive. For me, that was taking a positive look at my new found “freedom”. I was given time to take a much needed break to recenter after 18 grueling years in the service industry. From the mental clarity gained came the decision to go back to my roots, making art. With 20 years experience behind a camera I was more than eager to start again. With nothing but passion on my hands I built OMA in hopes of a brighter future. From a walk in the park to an adventure across the country I am inspired by the smallest of wonders. Collected existential footprints are gathered and featured in my work. Sorta my way of paying homage to the beauty of nature.OMA uses all recycled and foraged products with Mama Earth always on our mind. Operating out of my home in Oakland California, I make, pack, and ship all your orders by hand and with love.

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